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How to Fill an Empty Corner

You may have all the big pieces of furniture covered in a room, even added just the right rugs and window treatments, but then you notice it. The empty, lonely corner. Corners can be tricky areas but offer an opportunity to really add some style to your home. These are the areas that can truly complete a space. Here is some inspiration for how to fill those corners.


via Pinterest How to fill a Corner

You know I love plants, so you might not be surprised that I stated with this one. Big or small, plants are a great way to literally add life to a corner. And choosing fun plant stands, like those above,  is a way to add more style to your scheme.


Ladder How to fill a corner

via Etsy How to fill a corner


Ladders are a great way to fill up space and are practical as well. I love the look of the blanket ladder to cozy up your living room in winter and you can throw pretty Hamam towels on in the warmer months. Or choose a ladder with shelves and style with books and accessories. If you ave small children be sure to attach the ladder to the wall!


Standing Lamps How to fill a corner


A really fabulous lamp can hold its own in an otherwise empty corner. If however, a standing lamp is meant to be a reading lamp, it makes more sense to be next to a chair, which leads me to my next point….


Chairs How to fill a corner

Hannah in the House How to fill a corner

Apartment Therapy

I love to create a little reading nook in a corner complete with chair, lamp, maybe a plant or some art on the wall. The area should fit with the rest of the room but really be a space all on its own. I especially like to make the chair interesting and different from the rest of the furniture. If the sofa and other furniture are sleek and modern, then the chair in the corner might be vintage or made of rattan.


Baskets How to fill a corner

Life on Virginia Street

Poor Little It Girl

Baskets filled with blankets or pillows are a great way to fill up small corners in a living room or bedroom. I really like to use this little trick at the end of a long piece of furniture that just needs a little something between it and the wall. It’s also a great way of adding texture.


So what’s your favorite way to fill a corner? Did I forget anything?










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  1. jill

    September 21, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Love the ladder and basket looks! Definitely need to start filling soon!

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